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Gary Fencik (Former Player for the Chicago Bears, , Super bowl champion ’85 Bears):
I have found Tim’s customized training approach has been able to achieve my goals. I have worked with him on a weekly basis using Pilates and GYROTONIC® equipment. The program Tim has created has increased my range of motion and can adjust to address specific areas of focus. Tim is an excellent instructor, consummate professional and an active listener.”

Richard Dent
(MVP of the ’85 Bears super bowl team and inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame):

“It’s really strengthened my core and keeps me fit like a string, with everything connected.”

Arnold G. Rubin:
“Tim has been my Pilates and GYROTONIC® instructor since 2003. Tim is reliable, knowledgeable, honest, and extremely personable. Over the years, I have watched Tim develop professionally from the status as an instructor to supervisor of approximately twenty individuals. Tim has demonstrated an incredible understanding and knowledge regarding the fields of Pilates and GYROTONIC®.”

Dan Chester:
“Tim is an exceptional Trainer and an extraordinary human being. As a GYROTONIC® and Pilates Instructor, he has truly mastered his craft with unrivaled skill, knowledge and experience. Moreover with his years of specialized training as a professional dancer and choreographer, he has an inimitable perspective on the body, sports biomechanics and kinesiology.

Tim carefully tailors the type and intensity of his clients’ training regimen or rehabilitation to their individual needs and wants. Tim puts his clients first. Whether you want help sculpting your body into that of an elite athlete, you want to transform your body, you want help to heal faster or achieve optional recovery, or you just want to upgrade your health … Tim is the trainer for you.”

Dr. Bill Caro:
“An agile fellow named Tim,
In form he really was trim.
He taught others to bend,
So they’d be on the mend.
He helped many an out of joint limb.”





Crain’s Chicago Business : October 2012
“Small is Beautiful: New Boutique Gyms”
The former head of Pilates and Gyrotonic at the East Bank Club, Tim Lester left to open 5th Line Studio in River North in May. While you might see a former Chicago Bear or Cub in the 1,800-square-foot studio occasionally, Mr. Lester caters mostly to busy professionals in private and semiprivate Pilates and Gyrotonic training sessions. In September, he introduced a barre class taught by dancers from the Joffrey Ballet. (Click to View Article)

Club Business International : August 2010
“Proven Profit Potential”
If there are any doubts about the profit potential of mind/body programming, Tim Lester, the director of Pilates and GYROTONIC® at Chicago’s East Bank Club, will easily assuage them. He’s played a role in growing the over 450,000-square-foot, 10,000-member-strong facility’s GYROTONIC® program by about 350% since its inception in 2006.

“You can market ‘til you’re blue in the face, but without a great product and talented people, it will not really work out.” – Tim Lester

Chicago Tribune : March 2010
“Pulling for a New Kind of Workout”
“Our Gyrotonic program has grown probably 350 percent, “said Tim Lester, East Bank’s director of Pilates and GYROTONIC® and a former dancer. “We do a lot with the Joffrey Ballet. It gets them back up on their feet, or toes. If Cinderella’s foot hurts, there’s no show. Ballet dancers are the people who get GYROTONIC® really quickly. It’s beautiful in its movements.”

Windy City Sports : September 2008
“Why Runners Are Dancing”
The East Bank Club in Chicago added GYROTONIC® in 2005. Tim Lester, the director and instructor of GYROTONIC® at East Bank, estimates the program has since grown 20-40 percent. The bulk of his clients are professional athletes, retired athletes, and athletes in rehab, he says.

Some of them were referred by the AthletiCo Physical Therapy center that is also located in club. Because GYROTONIC® works to strengthen ligaments and attachments at the joints, its rehabilitative effects are not surprising. According to Aversa, in Germany the system is actually used mainly for physical therapy rather than for fitness.

Chicago : December 2006
“The Short List – Who you calling sissy?”
Spotted at the East Band Club in the GYROTONIC® room: former Chicago Bears superstars Richard Dent and Gary Fencik, who use the low-impact, machine-based exercise to counteract years of NFL wear and tear. “It’s really strengthened my core,” says Dent, “and it keeps me fit like a string, with everything connected.” Explains Tim Lester, director of Pilates and GYROTONIC® at East Bank: “Richard and Gary both endured years of spinal compression. GYROTONIC® is all about putting the spine in a neutral position, and strengthening the core muscles that surround it.” Golfers, take note: Dent vouches for the version that promises to increase the rotation of a golf swing.